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Christmas Gift Ideas for Male Runners

A good quality running sock - Best gift for the beginner

A good quality running sock is often not at the top of a runners list to buy for themselves, however, experienced runners will know how quickly socks can turn into useless soggy pipes that will bunch up and cause blisters. A sock with a thick sole, quick-drying fibres and that wraps tightly to the foot arch and heel will be just the trick. If you’re looking for running gear for men, what could be more classic for a Christmas gift than a pair of socks?

A pair of dedicated running shorts - Best gift for the experienced

If you’re buying a gift for an experienced runner, then some of the best gifts for their needs are going to be too pricey or too personal (you don’t like them that much!). It’s also not always easy to buy something that someone with a hobby doesn’t already have. If all the males in your life are hooked on running, you need to get your men running shorts as you can be guaranteed they will need more than one pair of these! Just pick one that suits your wallet and is designed for runners.

A run sensor - Best gift for gadget lovers

Who doesn’t love a new gadget for Christmas? A great gift idea for male runners is a run sensor. These clever devices are worn whilst running and provide accurate data on the number of steps taken, bounce, and pelvic movements. Some run sensors can even give tips on how to improve performance and give suggested exercises. We’re sure the man in your life will thank you for one of these excellent running gadgets!

Some long-life Bluetooth headphones - Best running gift for music lovers

Most runners love to have a soundtrack to accompany their running routine, but a tangle of wires can often be an annoyance that can restrict movement and freedom. A pair of long-life Bluetooth headphones is sure to bring a smile to your run-loving male friends and family on Christmas day. These super headphones don’t need to be attached to a device so no more tangled wires, simply charge them up and off they run!

A stash belt for their run-tech - Best gift for the organized runner

As running is being brought into the 21st century with running apps and run sensors, runners need a way of carrying their gadgets whilst maintaining freedom of movement. Step in the stash belt, these handy lightweight devices wrap around the waist and securely hold a smartphone, keys, money etc. This is a fantastic gift idea for the male runners in your life – it’s the sort of thing they always wished they had but have never got around to buying. There are a number of stash-belts on the market to cover all budgets so what are you waiting for!


There you have it, some of the best running gear for men this season. Whether you choose to buy your men running shorts for Christmas, running socks or opt for something a little more hi-tech like a run sensor or Bluetooth headphones we’re sure that one of these thoughtful gifts will make their day.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Male Runners
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