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Less is More

Harvy 2.0 launched with a ton of great changes: a new design, new connections, and new features. However, in that process, we may have done too much. Our homepage feed implementation was slow, liking activities wasn't terrible, finding friends wasn't the best, and overall the app felt sluggish.

When Harvy was first being developed, we told ourselves that we did not want to compete with some of the established companies out there like Strava or MapMyRun or Nike. Somewhere along the way of developing Harvy 2.0, we ended up positioning ourselves as a competitor. That's not quite what we wanted.

Our latest release is now taking a step back and becoming more of a tool rather than a competitor. We have removed friends, followers, likes, and feeds, and simplified the app to your activities. The homepage is fast, the app takes up less space, and overall Harvy feels more polished.

The web version of Harvy has also been upgraded to support these same features. The dashboard is only your activities now and the calendar now works with your activities.

We have also added back in our Strava integration. Read our blog post on how to set up Strava sync and continue to use the great social features of Strava to encourage your friends and followers.

The app update is rolling out slowly, so be on the lookout.

As always, if you have any feedback, email me at kevin@harvy.app

Less is More
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