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Music While Running? Pros & Cons

A quick search on Google for "music while running" returns a slew of results sharing the pros and cons. Today we are going to go through a couple top results and highlight the key points:

Should You Listen to Music While Running?

Runner's World

Over time, research and experience has been able to piece together some positives and negatives of running with headphones that may help you decide whether to tune in or tune out.


  • "You get pumped up for runs"
  • "You learn to keep a consistent pace"
  • "Your runs could feel easier"


  • "You're blocking out your surroundings"
  • "You could throw off your race pace"
  • "You impair the running experience"

Music to My Muscles: The Pros and Cons of Running with Music


They discovered that when the runners listened to music of 110 to 150 beats per minute prior to the 5K run, they tended to run the first two laps of the time trial faster than they did without music. They also found that when runners listened to both fast and slow motivational music during the time trial, they were on average a little more than 30 seconds faster than when they ran with no music. Interestingly, they also identified benefits to listening to slower music of 95 to 110 beats per minute after running, as the runners' heart rates returned to normal more quickly than they did without music.

Running with Music - The Pros and Cons


So, which music is best and how do you pick a performance playlist? Professor Andy Lane, a Sports Psychologist at the University of Wolverhampton suggests there are five factors that you might want to consider: tempo, genre, lyrics, any memories that the music may trigger and the compilation of the tracks. Generally tunes that are up-tempo with motivating lyrics that trigger positive emotions are best.

Music While Running? Pros & Cons
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