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Running Tips For Nights During Daylight Saving Months

Running at night after work might be comforting to you, or the fact that it’s the only time in the day you can fit a run into. Looking after your health is admirable when you end your day with a run, but what about staying safe in the dark?

Today, we are here to share our best tips for runners who prefer the night time to work out.

  • Wear Reflective Clothes

These days, finding running clothes that come with reflective marks on the front and back of the outfits have gained popularity. Trends aside, they really do help runners keep themselves safe from being run over and hit by vehicles. The headlights will catch a prominent glimpse of a runner where there’s no proper street lighting.

  • Be Present

Staying aware of your surroundings is the most important advice we could give. Keep eyes on everything happening around you, watch out for people who you think may be following you. Try not to get distracted and lost with music during a night run as it could be the difference between a nice workout or an accident.

  • Take A Familiar Route

If you plan to explore new running routes, the night time is not the best time to do it. You could get lost or put yourself in a dangerous situation by leaving yourself vulnerable. Taking a familiar route will keep you from getting lost and the familiarity of knowing every curve and turn will help you. You may take a few known twists and turns go shake off followers. Avoid dark alleyways and run in the street lights.

  • Carry Your ID

Carrying an ID will help first responders, emergency helpers and the authorities to contact your family if anything happens to you.

  • Have A Running Partner Or Join A Group

There is safety in numbers at it keeps everyone protected. Your chances of being mugged, followed or attacked, especially if you’re a woman significantly lessens if you stick in a group or have a running partner to watch each others’ backs.

  • Run Against The Traffic

When you run against the traffic, they see you approaching, especially with reflective wear. This lowers the odds of you getting accidentally bumped or hit by a passing vehicle.

  • Carry Your Phone

For better measure enter the route you run on maps to keep you monitored. A phone will come in use if there are any emergencies.

  • Skip Earphones

It’s not advised to block your surroundings with music at night; you need to be aware, so use one ear bud or skip the earphones completely.

Every year, we read about accidents that happen to runners in the night due to a range of reasons. With daylight saving months soon approaching, knowing to look after yourself better to stay safe during a run in the night is a must. We hope you take the points mentioned above while you run tonight!

Running Tips For Nights During Daylight Saving Months
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