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How to Sync Harvy with Strava

We are pumped to announce Strava sync with Harvy! Connect your account today and all activities you record with the Harvy mobile app will automatically sync to Strava.

Part 1:

  1. Login to https://harvy.app
  2. Visit your account profile
  3. In the bottom left under your profile details you should see a new "Connect with Strava" button

4. Click "Connect with Strava" and verify your account details

5. Once verified, you should see a red checkmark next to your name. Connected!

Part 2:

  1. Open up the Harvy mobile app and view your settings. You will now see options for you in how to control your data

2. Go ahead and click the "Sync to Strava" to have your activity show up!

As a general note, this is step 1 in connecting Harvy to Strava. We are continuing to work on the connection but right now if you delete an activity on one platform, it will not delete it on the other. We are working to fix that connection and hope to have it for you soon.

How to Sync Harvy with Strava
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